Sonny Vandevelde shoots Lutz: ‘LUTZ HUELLE AW14-15 COLLECTION AND THE SNAKE :-) Fashion Week Paris starts today, but first I pop in during Lutz’s lookbook shoot to grab some behind the scene photos and do my own little mini Lutz AW14-15 Campaign shoot :-) And the building is amazing, called The Snake’

PAR1782LutzSonnyphotos PAR1767LutzSonnyphotos PAR1774LutzSonnyphotos PAR1757LutzSonnyphotos PAR1695LutzSonnyphotos PAR1681LutzSonnyphotos PAR1666LutzSonnyphotos PAR1660LutzSonnyphotos PAR1636LutzSonnyphotos PAR1633LutzSonnyphotos PAR1626LutzSonnyphotos PAR1615LutzSonnyphotos PAR1587LutzSonnyphotos PAR1596LutzSonnyphotos PAR1560LutzSonnyphotos

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