LUTZ HUELLE No.30 S/S 2015 Part 2 ‘Art Rebels’ Looking at Karl-Heinz Weinberger’s photos of Rebel Youth inthe 50s and 60s I started wondering what they would wear if they, instead of hanging out in the street, were spending their time in Museums and Art Galleries. Bombers, Trenchcoats and separates in prints inspired by some of my favourite artists- Paul Klee’s multicoloured stripes, Michael Krebber’s watercolour paintings, the graphic works of Ellsworth Kelly and Wade Guyton’s irregular black and white stripes. Asymmetric dresses inspired by oversized T-Shirts complete a collection in which each and every piece work together to create a complete wardrobe. Photos: Giasco Bertoli, with the kind participation of Kate Moran

Lookbook ss15_Page_03 Lookbook ss15_Page_04 Lookbook ss15_Page_05 Lookbook ss15_Page_06 Lookbook ss15_Page_07 Lookbook ss15_Page_08 Lookbook ss15_Page_09 Lookbook ss15_Page_10 Lookbook ss15_Page_11 Lookbook ss15_Page_12 Lookbook ss15_Page_13 Lookbook ss15_Page_14 Lookbook ss15_Page_15 Lookbook ss15_Page_16 Lookbook ss15_Page_17 Lookbook ss15_Page_18 Lookbook ss15_Page_19 Lookbook ss15_Page_20 Lookbook ss15_Page_21 Lookbook ss15_Page_22 Lookbook ss15_Page_23 Lookbook ss15_Page_24 Lookbook ss15_Page_25

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