Knitwear is one of my favourite things and here’s a little list of past favourites. Any Favourites? I do have a soft spot for the gloved pockets .. and to anyone owning one of these pieces – you’re lucky .. They weren’t produced in huge quantities so by now are RARE 😇 Big thanks to Deanna Veroni and Annalice Bisi , Bruno Malvezzi and Antonella Pelati at LOMA MAGLERIA❤️❤️❤️

1. Graded Buttons on a sleeveless cardigan
2. Giant Cable Sweater from my very first Collection, Fall/ Winter 2000, in turn inspired by my Central Saint Martin’s Degree Collection
3. White Sweater in Cotton overprinted with black and closed in back
4. Twisted Front opening sweater
Oversized scarf evening dress in gold lurex
6. Long Cardigan with glove-shaped pockets
7. Shoulder Top with fringed sleeves
8. 4 patterns 4 colours knitted dress
9. Backless Haltertop in Mohair Jacquard
10. Norwegian Pattern Cardigan with insert in wadded nylon

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