LUTZ HUELLE No.22 S/S 2011 ‘SOFT ARMOUR’ Photos by Sonny Vandevelde. It all started with a simple T-shirt, how to keep the same ease, the same relaxed feeling, but move it towards more structured garments, more dressed, more protective even. I ended up with Jackets and Trenchcoats in fluid Silk Jersey, the collar and shoulderdetails lined with wadding to add volume and structure. Wadded, removable scarves were added to fluid dresses, turning them into coat/dress hybrids to be worn all year round. This in turn made me think of Armor. Protection, but light and airy. Oversized coats in ottoman and cotton with parts in featherlight silk to allow movement. Different silk fabrics, cut-out and overlayed to create a ‘chainmail’-like effect. Bodycon and Oversized, the interplay between material and the body underneath.


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