A Short Film About Lutz by Diane Pernet and Disciple Films for GWAND ‘In 2004 Lutz was one of the contestants for the Swiss Textiles Award. Disciple Films and I gave each of the contestants the same question: “If You Were to Design the World” what would it look like. President of the Jury: DIane Pernet, Akiko Ichikawa, Jasmin Al Fayed, Patrick Cabasset and Take Hirakawa the jury members The other contestants were: Cosmic Wonder, Eley Kishimoto, Sophia Kokosalaki, Laurent Mercier, Sophia Kokosalaki and Preen. At that time the Swiss Textiles Award of 100,000 EUROS was the largest fashion award of its time.

n 2004 Lutz was one of the contestants for the Swiss Textiles Award. Disciple Films and I gave each of … More

‘SILENT REVOLUTION’ Sabrina Ciofi on Lutz Huelle: ‘In a world where appearances are what matter and lightness is all, it is easy to feel empty and out of place if you have a brain that thinks and something to say. While, as Shakespeare put it, there is much ado about nothing, and dazzling lights and sequins, rich prizes and cotillons are being used to distract attention from the way things really are, there are still some people who rebel, staging their opposition with calm, balance and simplicity. Because creativity is not always high-volume. Genius needs no advertisement. It’s just there. Lutz is one of those designers who promotes his style as a whisper. People love it or hate it because it is simple and easy to use, inspired in its bringing-together of things that are forgotten because they are so ordinary. Lutz talks about clothes, young women, life and serenity.’


LUTZ HUELLE NO.7 F/W 2003 ‘THE SMITHS AT THE DISCO’ Listening to The Smiths’ ‘The Queen is dead’ on repeat.. the idea of mixing Glitter and the Ordinary : a Men’s Blazer with Fringes, striped Shirting is worn with sequinned TShirts, Sweatshirts in grey Jersey have wide glittering hems. A striped Mohair Sweater is draped around the Body. I asked myself: ‘How can I put the aggressive, ‘street’ attitude of a Bomberjacket into a pleated dress? The answer was: fix some of the pleats so they don’t move, cut the shape of a Bomber ( those pockets, the rib finishing) into the pleats as if it was a flat fabric, then leave the rest of the pleats open.. Voilà! The result was this, quintessential Lutz :-) Ideas from this collection keep on coming up in later collections, especially the fixed/nonfixed pleats that I’m still using today.