LUTZ HUELLE S/S 2013 ‘Gestures’ I was thinking of gestures, poise – how a simple tilt of the head, a flick of the shoulders, the way one leg advances to balance the body, hands in pockets, can transform the most mundane situation into one of grace and beauty . The staples of an everyday wardrobe, infused with a “couture like” spirit : lowering the neckline and raising the waist, turning embroidered crystals into graphic prints, elongating a baseball jacket with silk organza, and cutting a parka in fluid crocodile print georgette.

Lutz on UNTITLED ‘Shrouded in satin, cottons and translucent patterns, Lutz Huelle’s Spring 2013 collection for Paris’ fashion week keeps cool with light fabrics while focusing on draped, fluid fabrics. Elegantly designed, some garments had a caftan effect while other outfits bared skin over zebra-printed hooded shirts. Predominately monochromatic with flashes of intense canary yellow, green and mauve, the collection remained thoroughly modern. Highlights from the show included a white strapless pantsuit ensemble, wrapped around the model with a trail of fabric extending from behind.’

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Joanna Manganaro on LUTZ HUELLE S/S 2013 on WGSN ‘German designer Lutz Huelle’s label has been slowly gaining recognition over his eleven years in business. He has won the ANDAM award twice and was chosen by iD Magazine to judge their Emerging Designer awards this year. As in seasons past, Huelle focused on draping for his spring collection. The organic shapes he created were elegant and flattering. He countered all the fluidity with sharply tailored outerwear and jackets, as well as slim high-waisted pants. Jewel embellishments and prints featuring oversized gemstones, in addition to amethyst and citrine tones suggested the idea of luxury was on Huelle’s mind. Either way, he succeeded in creating a desirable collection on par with his previous work

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Lutz Huelle on HUNGER TV ‘WHAT WAS THE INSPIRATION FOR THE LATEST COLLECTION? There was a girl standing in front of me in the line at the supermarket, striking the most amazing pose, really like one of those couture models in the 50s and 60s, hips tilted just so, head leaning to one side, arms slightly curved. It suddenly completely transformed the moment and made me think of how little it can take to look beautiful – just the way someone holds themselves, a gesture, a flick of the head. So I started thinking of the idea of couture, and the poise that comes with it, but in everyday garments- a trench coat, cut in swathes of fabric, or a biker jacket with a low plunging V neck. It turned out to be the most ‘couture’ or sophisticated collection I’ve ever done.

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