“…What’s also happening now is that designers make clothes for people as opposed to making them for a fashion show, which has always been my main preoccupation anyway. Obviously, as these clothes are much closer to reality, it also changes the general aesthetic of fashion. I have never understood the idea of creating clothes for a fashion show and then selling something different afterwards. Saint Laurent and Chanel were such important designers because they dressed people above anything else, and that is what is happening again now.” Read Lutz Huelle in conversation with Pedro Canicoba in MANY OF THEM Magazine

“Years back, we first saw Lutz Huelle as a fresh-faced young man in Wolfgang Tillman’s iconic photographs, we did not know who he was or where he came from, but those images stuck in our minds. Next time, we saw the same young man taking a bow after a fashion show in Paris named after a Smiths song, full of quietly beautiful yet empowering clothes, which he continues to create in his Parisian studio. By minding his own business and staying true to himself, he embodies what the current mood in fashion is so desperately trying to find. Honesty, Realness and Creativity.” Robin Schulie talks to Lutz for SSAW Magazine, Spring 2016 issue