‘WHEN FASHION IS ABOUT CLOTHES’ Nakako Hayashi interviews Lutz for PURPLE FASHION S/S 2002 “2 years after working with Martin Margiela, German-born Fashion Designer Lutz Huelle has stuck out on his own to make a clothes statement more than a fashion statement, and is becoming one of the most interesting new Designers today.. Lutz takes an artist’s approach, creating and developing clothes that are his own, based more predominantly on the language of clothes and their construction rather than on fashion’s image, style, and appearance..”

LUTZ & COMME DES GARCONS #1, English Friends ‘Rei Kawakubo and young German Designer Lutz Huelle light up the millennium’s first summer. Fast friends from different eras, Anita Pallenberg, an actress and one of CarnabyStreet’s central Characters and a rock celebrity since the sixties and Kate Moss, fashion’s ultimate icon, were photographed by Juergen Teller in Wallenberg’s London residence, giving one generation a view onto the other.’ PURPLE FASHION Magazine, Spring/Summer 2000

LUTZ HUELLE No.2 S/S 2001 ‘The Boxeuse’ Inspired by Boxing, and the slouchy attitude of clothes that are too long, too short, very low on the hips ,or very high up the waist. Jackets and Trenchcoats were gliding down the body, opening up shoulders and Decolletes; Pants and Skirts were riding up the body, elongating the shilhouette. Towels were worn with gold Cardigans as evening dresses, and the only Tailleur was in Sweatshirt, with Lurex Finishings.