‘WHEN FASHION IS ABOUT CLOTHES’ Nakako Hayashi interviews Lutz for PURPLE FASHION S/S 2002 “2 years after working with Martin Margiela, German-born Fashion Designer Lutz Huelle has stuck out on his own to make a clothes statement more than a fashion statement, and is becoming one of the most interesting new Designers today.. Lutz takes an artist’s approach, creating and developing clothes that are his own, based more predominantly on the language of clothes and their construction rather than on fashion’s image, style, and appearance..”

‘Relecture toute personelle des archétypes de la garderobe la plus classique, totalement reconstruite, fendue, dézippé, sanglé,boutonnée, la prémière collection de ce créateur allemand a retenu l’attention par son originalité. Invention discrète d’une silhouette délibérément à l’écart d’un néoglamour ostentatoire’ Cédric Saint André Perrin on Lutz Huelle’s F/W 2000 Collection, LIBERATION


No.1 ‘THE DEBUT’ Fittings for the first Show. Like a puzzle, I kept trying out different combinations to see what looked best. This would go on to inform all of my later work- the tweaking of the silhouette, pulling garments up and down the body to emphasize different parts, the mix of strong, elementary colours with neutrals, the draping of simple, everyday garments ( as opposed to elaborate eveningwear), the mix-and-match of knit and fabric, the surrealism and fetishism, the sporty influences, my obsession with the Trenchcoat and the Bomber, and the layering of different types and genres.