“..captivating” Claire Stemen on F/W 2016, Fashion Week Online

10443435_1725227551097510_8476260861139906310_nWelcome to Lutz Huelle’s world, a sartorial wonderland of well-loved pieces and textiles. Much like the beaming designer, Huelle’s FW16 prêt-à-porter collection is inviting and unintimidating.

(Images: Gio Staiano / NOWFASHION)

This warm essence hardly suffocates experimentation however. Huelle recreates old classics, remixing textiles and form: from denim and sequin thigh highs to denim jackets and bombers reimagined.

Huelle recreates old classics, remixing textiles and form.

I found myself enthralled with his sequin earrings, worn on one ear in a wry reference to textile used for dresses and other detail. Unexpected as they were, they brought a whimsical glamour to his collection.

Lutz Huelle, while obviously invested in glamour, stands apart as a pragmatist in this way — or perhaps his collection of well-loved pieces reborn is simply homage to his own taste. In any case, this collection has a fluidity that allows the wearer to travel as they please: from place to place and from occasion to occasion.

And, I think, the smiley designer wouldn’t have it any other way. As his note to the audience remarks: “… this collection became about everything I have always loved, a sort of concentrate of my favorite obsessions.”

I’m certain the fashion world thanks him for sharing his obsessions in a captivating, yet accessible manner.

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