LUTZ HUELLE No.12 S/S 2006 ‘THE PURPLE BASSEY KRAFTWERK SHOW’ This is the collection that should not have been- left for dead after a hostile takeover bid the company found itself without neither production facilities nor funds for the collection and should, by any means, have gone bankrupt there and then. At the eleventh hour (and against all odds), a collection was designed and prototypes were made at the last minute in our studio in Paris, on a shoestring budget and with the goodwill of everybody around us. Being in a state of utter panic, I did what I always do when things get rough: listen to Music. I divided the collection into three groups, based on songs by Deep Purple, Kraftwerk and Shirley Bassey. For the show, we asked friends to do routines to the three songs and change their outfits when the song changed. The lovely Lola (Laurent Mercier) came out at the end to mime to Shirley Bassey, which made me finish the season with a smile on my face, in spite of everything. Penny Martin from Showstudio called the collection ‘stylish in a quiet way’ and I will forever love her for it.

“It won’t suprise you to learn that the soundtrack was ‘Goldfinger’. The drag-queen performed a stylish mime of the said Bond theme as the fashion equivalent of 80s dance troupe Hot Gossip performed ironic ‘interpretations’. All this was in danger of detracting from the clothes parading down the centre of the stage…were they not also stylish in a quiet sort of a way.”

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