The initial idea behind this collection was to make clothes that were for and about the people I knew and spent my life with – real clothes for everyday life that were also complex and multifaceted. I wanted to work with the ease of sportswear, to use the sense of strength of masculine tailoring, the sophistication of evening and the raw energy and sex of the street , all mixed up in a way that would make these pieces seem familiar and new at the same time. I didn’t want people to look fashionable or trendy but unique and special and in a way ‘unreadable’- because they were wearing ‘unreadable’ clothes . Tailoring in Sweatshirt Jersey, towels as evening dresses, Boxing Pants in Pinstripe Wool and Trackpants in a fluid wool with a tuxedo stripe down the side. Long flowing Fringes on a men’s tailored Blazer, a draped trench that turns into a dress, and my beloved Bomber/Flight Jacket as a pleated evening dress. Thinking about a label to put into these clothes I came across an old “Starter” Baseball Jacket , with an embroidery of the S and a star intertwined , which gave me the idea of just using the word “Lutz”, not necessarily a sophisticated Designername but sounding more abstract, a word that meant nothing. I pulled the 4 letters together to embroider them like the S and the Star, and thought the result perfect: a hint of sportswear, a strange shape that could mean anyting, visually intriguing in its awkwardness.


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