‘This was precision defined.’10 Magazine on S/S 2017

See the whole article and photos here

There’s a bit of a shoulder situation going on in Lutz Huelle’s SS17 collection. A bit might actually be an understatement. There’s some shoulder going on and it’s a statement making shoulder. Which makes sense given the press notes, and which if we’d chosen to refer to them pre show, would also have stopped us from making grand statements about the shoulder being the new penicillin or whatever in the manner of somebody who thinks they discovered how to save man kind from the scourage oftapeworm. So, what of this shoulder? To quote, this was an essay in “how to define a shoulder without using pads or padding. A sort of natural sharpness that almost happens by chance?”. Not that anything happen by chance here. This was precision defined.

more on http://www.10magazine.com/womenswear/lutz-huelle-ready-to-wear-ss17

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