“(Lutz) ..is not a trend, but a necessity” Marta J on F/W 2016 on MI Magazine.net

to read the whole article and see the photos click on this link

Lutz Huelle is beyond unisex; it is beyond universal, merging day and night, sun and rain, evening and casual all in one- because we are spontaneous and after our meetings we jump to a cocktail party; our coffee breaks become evening dates. The collection is designed for the equally changeable weather is equally everywhere- in London, Paris, New York, Barcelona- there is rain, sun, wind and snow in one day- so what do you do? We way past layering now, we need clothes that are already layered for us. Lutz Huelle succeeded merging layers in his collection.

His bomber jackets turn into coats, his dresses evolve from sparkly sequin to sporty jersey, pieces of the dress transforming into earrings and adding volume without oversizing the clothes- for example he makes double breasted jackets triple breasted- a very cleverly designed functionality for winter clothes whose size needs to absorb the think knits worn underneath that protect us from adverse weather conditions.

One of the trends we saw this season, that was also present in Lutz’s collection were the ‘legging boots’, soft boots made from different materials including textiles and sequin that are worn as boots but equally look like leggings, paired in the show with oversized jackets, dresses and long coats.

The Lutz collection is not a trend, but a necessity for all our global, spontaneous jet-setting party hopping lifestyle

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