“Working on a project with a close friend is usually the kind of thing you dream up over drinks and hardly ever get to put into reality. Not so for Berlin-based Alexandra Bircken — a former designer and present-day artist creating “non-functional objects” — and Paris-based Lutz Huelle, who launched his eponymous label in 2000 after working for Martin Margiela for three years. Friends since they were teens, the two were shaped by the same music, by the magnitude of the Berlin Wall coming down, and by the desire to move to London to study fashion. Alexandra has modelled for Lutz since she was a student, and been in his official défilés too. Their friendship is rounded out by Wolfgang Tillmans, with whom they form a sort of loose creative throuple.” Sarah Moroz in conversation with Alexandra Bircken and Lutz Huelle for iD Magazine

to read the whole interview please click here

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