‘LE PLAISIR ’ LUTZ HUELLE F/W 2021´It was easy to forget during the last year how joyful and thrilling it is to dress, not only for work or everyday life but to properly dress up for a special occasion, even if it is just having dinner at home. Nothing beats the pleasure of wrapping ourselves in a beautiful piece of clothing, whatever the occasion or moment. I have been missing to go out at night so much- a restaurant, a bar , to go dancing or to just walk around the city at night.This collection is about the pleasure of dressing up and about feeling special, but with a sense of casual ease and comfort, clothes that are great to be worn to do whatever comes up, be it to go shopping or the next great party. Jackets inspired by a Men’s Pyjama cut in featherlight taffetas or fluid silk satin work both in bed or at a party. Shirt-coats in light wool can be worn as coats or dresses. A cape in waterproof cotton can be worn over any kind of voluminous sleeve, including our own hydrangea-shaped tops from Spring 21. Fluid Jersey dresses have an added gathered hem in taffetas, a T-shirt doubling as a cocktail dress. A new skirt cut like an oversized pant is worn with a double- shade denim jacket or alternatively with a draped bustier top in silk. Other denim pieces include a triple shade coat and a short , cinched jacket with a part in waterproof cotton. A classic sweater in wool with an added panel pf padded nylon is worn as a winer jacket over a fluid dress.This is a collection for a specific moment in time- a new beginning for all of us. Looking to the future, calmly and filled with hope and excitement.

London Peeps ❤️🇬🇧 We are happy to be part of @theofficialselfridges #rewiringfashion space ! There’s a few of our favourite pieces including these 4 available now , only in store.. They’re unique single pieces so once gone they’re gone 😎 Available now on the 3rd floor Designer Studio.. Spread the word ❣️

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“..un vêtement Lutz est très parlant en lui-même. Après des années 90 qui ont été comme une page blanche de la mode, sa relecture du vestiaire quotidien injecte une création visible au sein de vêtements que le siècle dernier avait littéralement aseptisés. Comme Nicolas Ghesquière pour Balenciaga, la force de Lutz est de réinventer le banal par un artifice de construction qui nous le re-révèle. En ce temps de désir en créations singulières, c’est une façon d’envisager une rupture avec ce qui est derrière nous qui forcément m’interpelle.” Olivier Saillard in conversation with Samuel Drira , ENCENS Magazine, 2004