LUTZ HUELLE F/W 2001 “A SMOKING, SOME SPORTSWEAR, SOME WORKWEAR AND A BUNCH OF FLOWERS’ This collection took the work I’d done in the first two- the sporty references, the Tuxedo, the high waists and low collars , the ‘taking something and doing it in the opposite way ‘ to its’ conclusion: A Tuxedo was mixed with a Flightjacket, a work-overall was cut with lapels in shiny silk; Tuxedo pants had drawstrings like jogging trousers. A big woolen scarf had waterproof silk panels attached to it to be worn as a cape or overskirt. Socks made with different fabrics of the collection were worn tied onto high heeled soles with plastic strings. It made everything I’d done before more clear , and apparently also more acceptable. People who, considering where I’d worked before, had expected dark and longish silhouettes and unfinished edges had at last accepted that this was not what I was about. The show took place in the Garage of the Centre Pompidou, the perfect setting.

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