LUTZ HUELLE S/S 2013 ‘Gestures’ I was thinking of gestures, poise – how a simple tilt of the head, a flick of the shoulders, the way one leg advances to balance the body, hands in pockets, can transform the most mundane situation into one of grace and beauty . The staples of an everyday wardrobe, infused with a “couture like” spirit : lowering the neckline and raising the waist, turning embroidered crystals into graphic prints, elongating a baseball jacket with silk organza, and cutting a parka in fluid crocodile print georgette.

a_4-5x a_4-1-5x a_4-17-5x2 a_4-27-5x a_4-2-5x a_4-7-5x a_4-6-5x a_4-5-5x a_4-4-5x a_4-15-5x a_4-13-5x a_4-22-5x a_4-28-5x a_4-14-5x a_4-9-5x a_4-21-5x a_4-25-5x a_4-12-5x a_4-10-5x a_4-11-5x a_4-8-5x a_4-23-5x a_4-20-5x a_4-19-5x a_4-18-5x a_4-26-5x a_4-16-5x

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