LUTZ HUELLE S/S 2018 ´Taking last Fall‘s idea of Couture and exaggeration further but keeping the ‘Everyday’ Feel .To narrow the silhouette, last seasons giant sleeves were either moved close to the neckline or down to the elbow. Cut in Beige Cotton Gabardine, Silver Lurex Jacquard or Double Polyester, they are either worn as trench-coats or evening dress .Thinking of how to renew the Bomber Jacket , I took away sleeves and knitted finishings, ending up with just the shape of a ball.The real Bomber, in collaboration with Alpha Industries, are elongated with Cotton Lace or Lurex Jacquard.Denim Jackets are cut into panels and elongated using the same panels cut in Cotton Lace or Techno Netting Fabric, turning them into long sweeping coats.The same is done to Denim Pants (in Collaboration with Edwin Europe) , this time left open to reveal the legs inside- Jeans for hot days .Pleated Column Dresses are cut into spiral shapes, swirling around the body.Oversized Cotton Poplin Shirts and T-Shirts are opened at the neckline and inserted with triangles in Netting fabric.Dresses cut in Double Polyester are opened in the front and worn as coats over pants and Tops.Finally, T-Shirts are printed with titles of some of my favourite songs by the Smiths and Sisters of Mercy ⚡️’ 

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