LUTZ HUELLE ‘LE PYJAMA ROSE’ Spring/Summer 2021 “Having spent more time in bed in the last 6 months than ever before in my life made me think about clothes to wear in bed or at home lounging on a sofa doing very little. I realised that a pair of pyjamas is really just a -very comfortable- 2 piece suit, which made me think about home-wear in general, and how to transport the idea of the coziness and security of home into the outside world. The pyjamas became a suit of pants and roomy shirt, made in the same washed pink satin it is both perfect to sleep in and go out dancing as soon as the occasion arises again.”

A bathrobe with hydrangea-shaped sleeves is cut in a featherlight taffetas and can be worn either at home with very little underneath, or outside as a dramatic coat. The same taffetas is fixed as a gathered hem on T-shirts and Sweatshirts, turning them into relaxed cocktail dresses.

Fluid coats in linen or cotton are cut with a round, open neckline and worn with pearls or strands of crystals.

A classic shirt shape is cut in rainproof nylon for use as a raincoat, or in light cotton poplin to be worn as an airy summer dress.

Squares of fluid silk are fixed at irregular points at the shoulders and drape over the neck and arms in a sensual, random way.

Finally, Denim Jackets and Coats are cut in half at the waist, an added drawstring cinches them into a wasp-like shaped waist reminiscent of 50s Couture.

In the end this became a Collection about comfort and ease, of garments to wear forever:

Sportswear that doesn’t look like sportswear, homewear to leave the house in.

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