Every look of LUTZ HUELLE Spring/Summer 2023 “Why do some garments go from being worn a few times during a season to becoming cherished parts of our everyday wardrobe, a part of that privileged group of pieces in constant rotation that will work wherever and whenever? It is never clear during the process of designing a collection what will eventually strike a cord with people, and more often than not a piece the I love will then be more or less ignored once out in the world. What makes a piece timeless? What strange and unforeseeable chemical reaction turns a design into a ‘Signature’, into something that will strike a chord beyond a show or a season? 

This Collection is a concentrate of favourite ideas: re-invented, re-viewed, taken further. 

A pink top in taffetas is worn over a striped shirt and tailored pants.

A shirt-coat with pouf sleeves is worn over a tailored waistcoat and pants in a cotton linen mix.

The same sleeves are mounted on a simple T-shirt or bandeau top and worn with pants or our two-tone bias jeans.

An elongated waistcoat with its lower part replaced by a vintage denim jacket is worn with a short sleeveless blazer over pants or a skirt.

A cape-like shoulder -less dress is paired with a pair of biker shorts in gold sequins.

A jacket in denim has a sequinned band cut into the back, creating the silhouette of rounded back

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