How to launch a Fashion House without a penny to your name: 1.Assemble all the courage you have and even the courage you never knew you had ..2.Leave your flat and move in with your boyfriend, then use the money to rent a room somewhere behind the Gare du Nord which doubles as both office and to stock your stuff ( mainly books, magazines and vintage clothes) 3.Spend a year working on a first collection, deciding that you will just follow your instincts and do what you like: Street- and Sportswear as Fashion, elevated by taking it out of context, re-inventing, re-making, re-assembling. 4.Start working as a freelance designer in Italy, with the money finance a first show at a friend’s studio space and hope that people will turn up …5.When they do have a moment of sheer panic , then scramble together a linesheet with prices, clean up the studio as best you can and start answering the phone. 6.Sell to 14 stores, amongst them some of the most famous in the world without knowing how to produce a single piece ..7.Pack the collection into a suitcase , take the night train to Italy and criss-cross the country with your suitcase and a terrible german accent in search of a factory that believes in what you are doing .. and this being Italy you find one !😎 .. Bingo! A Fashion House named LUTZ is born ! 🤗 ..oh and win the @andamfashionaward and the sky is the limit 😎 and here’s a little advice : If you believe in what you are doing then NEVER GIVE UP ! ❤️💪

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