When the world suddenly seemed to stand still during those first days of lockdown and I had nothing to do apart from re-arranging my office and staring at an empty collection board I kept wondering how to continue working.. so I finally came up with just going back to the absolute basics, to design a T-shirt for everyone.

The only way to do this was to show how to make one yourself, without any prior knowledge of sewing or cutting , just using a pair of scissors and an d T-Shirt .

So I posted a little tutorial ( filmed by David on an iphone) on Instagram, and the reactions were so diverse and lovely that I did another one and then another.. 5 in total.

I then did one more for VOGUE Runway , a little more professionally, and this is he open I’m posting here 🤗

So if you would like a sexy Summer Top and have an old T-shirt somewhere, here’s what you do !

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