2 days before the presentation of the Fall/ Winter 2016 Collection I decided to add a Bomber Jacket to the looks.. I had an idea of making a ‘double- breasted’ Bomber, inspired by a jacket used for fencing. To try out the idea I took my old Alpha Industries Bomber and cut out the front panel, replacing it with a piece of beige wool I had left over. I liked it so much that I decided to just put it into the show as it was , making versions in blue ( with red wool) and black . I also added a coat version. After the show every single store wanted to order these, so we started selling them without having any idea how to produce, seeing as it was made with an original Bomber jacket from Alpha Industries. I had no other choice but to call them and tell them what I had been doing, it turned out they had seen photos and wondered what this was all about- and a collaboration was born. I have since made a new version with the Bomber every season , but that first one, called the LUTZ BOMBER, is still so special to me.

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