One of the reasons why David and me finally decided to start our own company was because it enabled us to decide who we wanted to work with and what kind of atmosphere we wanted – we spend such a huge amount of our lives working, so why not make sure that it is in a positive, inspiring atmosphere? Why not make sure that people would come to work in the morning with pleasure and enthusiasm? I am convinced that we all work best ( I know I do ) when the work atmosphere is positive and for me it shows when something was made not in suffering but with joy🤩I have always chosen my jobs accordingly, the human aspect being just as important as the rest, maybe that is why I can count the negative experiences on one hand ( one finger to be honest haha 🤗)The Collaboration with AZ Factory was one of those things where everything just came together, and it remains one of the most brilliant experiences of my professional career.

Photos by Francesco Brigida

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