As any Fashion House we had our ups and downs, but there was a moment around 2013 where it felt like our time was finally up. We did go on in spite of seemingly overwhelming odds, stopping the shows and winding down the collection to an absolute minimum. When we started showing again in 2015 I felt a new energy around us and my work, that whatever direction Fashion was heading to it was finally turning our way. Streetwear, sportswear, casual and couture, taken out of context, elevated and transformed. This, in turn galvanised me, and it all came together in this collection, Fall/Winter 2016. We were suddenly more visible than we had ever been, had the best reviews of my career, and the sales were the best we’d had for years. I sometimes wonder what would have happened had we given up.. but it’s a futile thought because we didn’t 😎💪😍.

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