Do you remember the first time ? Here’s mine, Fall/Winter 2000. I had spent 6 months on the preparation of this collection, taking my Central St. Martin’s Degree Show‘ as the starting point. I wrote down some words to make clear to myself what I wanted to do : “Change the Silhouette. Pull up the Waist. Skinny Legs and Volume on Top. Mix neutrals and strong colours. Make in Knit what is normally made in Fabric . Put on top what is normally underneath. Make everything supersmall or superbig. Wear everything together. Sexy and Non-Sexy.”It was maybe a slightly pretentious Manifesto but I’d spent so much time preparing that first collection in my mind, in the end just had to define it, get it out of my system. Does it hold up ? what do you think ? We organized a Show at Fabrice Hybert’s studio, which was just down the road from our own office, not having the slightest idea if anyone would actually turn up. It’s still one of my most cherished ( as well as nerve-wrecking) memories. The beautiful photos are by Wolfgang Tillmans ❤️

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