I sometimes think about that day .. I’d met Karl before, as member of the jury at the Festival d’Hyeres.. we sat next to each other during the show, and chatted throughout. He was utterly charming and he made me laugh with his kinda dry sense of humour typical of people from Northern Germany.I was flattered when he invited me to the shoot organized by Nicole Picard for Madame Le Figaro- after all I was very much an independent and undergound-ish designer ( which is just a more romantic way of saying ‘under the radar’ ), but he told me he loved my work and that he wanted me to be part of this. He was slightly dubious about the fit of my Tshirt though, and pinched it together in the back with a clip for the photo 😎 .. It’s still such a brilliant memory for me, because he made me feel that I belonged there, with my strange mix of sportswear and couture that most of Paris really didn’t care too much about at the time. I’ll always be grateful to him , and I’m just so pleased I got to meet this extraordinary man. ❤️

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