‘..the most exciting use is in a nylon bomber jacket, where Huelle cut off all the ribbing at the collar and hem, spliced it horizontally, and inserted a ribbon belt. It’s as elegant as an opera coat, but as durable as a piece of workwear. Other ingenious twists include wool Fair Isle cardigans with insertable nylon plackets (global warming has rendered big-wool-sweater season too short, thus the cardigan) and a halter top he cut from an old T-shirt, which he shows off how to make in his collection video.’ Steff Yotka on Lutz Huelle F/W 2021 on VOGUE RUNWAY

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“The hybridized outerwear that’s become such an important part of Huelle’s repertoire didn’t necessarily jibe with the nostalgia of the rest of the collection, but it’s hard to let go of your biggest sellers. And so he didn’t. In one case, he stripped jean vests of their yokes and spliced in ruffled netting, giving them a more polished feel than usual. In another case, he combined jean jackets with trench coats. They looked great. You can’t take the German deconstructionist out of this Parisian.” Nicole Phelps on LUTZ HUELLE S/S 20 on VOGUE RUNWAY

Lutz Huelle’s new Spring collection is his love letter to Paris. Backstage, he explained that he’s lived here for 20 … More

‚Plenty of designers these days have turned to patch-working garments together; what makes Lutz stand apart is that the results are not just for the look—they’re resolved into wearable garments with a French nonchalance about them. With his offering of gilded brocade narrow pants, you could imagine these clothes being the kind of thing you see young Parisian girls wearing in cafés and bars. As we know: They never overdress, but they always wear the right thing. Sarah Mower on LUTZ HUELLE F/W 18 on VOGUE RUNWAY

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‘..Huelle gave the hybridized outerwear he did last season another go around (..) It looked right then, and it looks right now, whether he combined askew jean jackets and bright fur to the knees or an MA-1 jacket in blue with red flannel. Puffers promise to be a popular sight again next Fall. Anybody shopping for an uncommon one should consider Huelle’s, which are slender where those of other designers are boxy, and come combined with denim, houndstooth, and even a Fair Isle sweater—clever.’ Nicole Phelps on F/W2017 on VOGUE Runway

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