The Best of 2018 .. this year we did the ‘New Look’ Bomber and the ‘Starbomber’. We exaggerated the volume of sleeves of coats and shirts and cut them close to the neckline, calling them Oversleeves . There were Bellcoats and Waterfall Dresses, Denim and Lace and Lurex Jacquard. Prints of Roses, Dots and Crocodile. And there was a T-Shirt printed with ‘First and Last and Always’ intercut with pieces of Lace, our favourite piece of 2018.

“…That’s also why I’m hopeful that things are going to be fine, in any case, because with everything that’s going on, people will react, and are reacting, to make things change. For example, the Everytown for Gun Safety movement in America — the scale of it is totally unprecedented, and yet it’s all been led by very young people. They’re saying, ‘take note, because we won’t vote for you, we’ll vote you out’. Those things didn’t exist five years ago. It will all be fine in the end. I feel hopeful.” Read Lutz in conversation with Rebekka Ayres in the latest issue of ZOO MAGAZINE