I had an interesting conversation yesterday with someone about why I communicate about pieces that might not be available at this moment in time- designs from past collections, or pieces that are long sold out, the question implying, basically : “What is the point in making an effort in publicising anything if it’s not for sale? “

The answer, for me is manifold: I’ve never understood why Fashion is supposed to lose its value after 6 months, and why a great jacket or beautiful dress does not have the same value as any other designed objects- a piece of furniture or a lamp. A great song lives on forever, it gains in emotional value and the capacity to bring joy, and to me so does a great piece of clothing.

If I speak about past styles it’s because they define us as a brand, they tell our story, they speak about our values and beliefs. The fact that they might not be available at this moment in time doesn’t take away their value, because they’re out there , being worn, being lived in. We have clients who still wear pieces that they bought 10 or 15 years ago, which, for me , is the biggest compliment ever.

Also, there is always the possibility that certain styles will be available again – sometimes only at our online store, sometimes everywhere.

Another reason is that, for about half of the time this brand has existed we were invisible to the mainstream- there are so many pieces that only very few people have seen. Communicating about these gives them a new lease of life, and makes them visible to the much broader audience we have today. I was sad sometimes during those ‘wilderness’ years that so many people never saw our work, and it makes me so happy that it is now out there, more visible than ever. In the end it comes down to value – our values as a brand, my values as a designer, as a person.

Lutz Huelle Fashion Show, Ready To Wear Collection Fall Winter 2018 in Paris

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